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Ese Rome Masterclass on VR vs AR in collaboration with Vrainers

The ESE Rome Campus gladly hosted today roughly 80 students from Liceo Visconti at the Masterclass on “VR vs AR”, in collaboration with Vrainers, a startup helping companies leverage their business thanks to innovative tools.

The speaker, Matteo Zaralli former ESE student, following a presentation of his reality, compared the two technologies showing their fields of application.

This interactive Masterclass saw the students involved in a group activity that stimulated their creativity and led them to a final challenge with kahoot. read more

ESE Milan Private Invitation to the Gucci Circolo Milan

20 October 2021 – Ese Milan Campus, on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of Gucci, has been invited to the Gucci Circolo Milan, a neighbourhood-centric temporary space where our students had the opportunity to discover the House collections and codes through a unique, multisensory experience.

The journey begins with “Gucci 100” and, in a succession of settings that enhance the aesthetics of the House, ends with the presentation of “The Hacker Project”.  A dreamlike, unexpected, changeable and immersive space that tells with a series of visionary paintings the Aria collection, designed by Alessandro Michele. read more

ESE receives the Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2021

ESE is proud to be the winner in the category of “Quality of student life” in the Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2021, organized by Studyportals.
We would like to thank all our students who shared their invaluable testimonials and helped us achieve this prestigious goal!

A message from our President Elio D’Anna in thanks to StudyPortals:
“The award received today by ‘StudyPortals’ will be of great impact worldwide – a well-deserved recognition of ESE as a guide and a shining beacon in the turbulent ocean of Global Education.” read more

ESE Milan Campus X Circular Culture

The ESE Milan Campus is pleased to announce the approaching launch of the project “La Cultura Circolare” – The Circular Culture, in collaboration with BAM, Biblioteca degli Alberi. Following a period of filming and elaboration of content, which saw as protagonists some of our students, Saturday, October 9 will take place the first appointment open to the public. The project, driven by the desire of ESE to actively interact with the territories belonging to their campuses, wants to give hope and concrete resources to change the personal and territorial future of the young ones; creating the conditions to ensure that young Italians – especially Milanese – go abroad to expand their knowledge, then returning to make use of their skills. read more

ESE Milan Campus Induction Day

The ESE Milan Campus, yesterday, had the Induction Day where all first-year BSc, MSc and short courses students were welcomed.

On this occasion, we were pleased to present all the initiatives and projects designed for the new academic year, while reassuring them with our Team and Faculty full support.

In conclusion, our President Elio d’Anna joined us virtually from Florence, delivering an inspiring and encouraging welcoming speech.

We are very excited about this new start and can’t wait to share all our students’ progress. read more

ESE Incubator Launches New Social E-commerce Startup

Founded by three students of the European School of Economics, Shopping Roulette is a new e-commerce social platform that allows customers to interact and compete with people from all over the world in order to win Gucci, Prada, Armani and thousands of other designer’s items completely for free.

“From the dawn of the first websites up until this day, very little has changed when it comes to how we buy products online; people have essentially been making their purchases in the same way for decades: in front of a screen, alone – but this cold, transactional, and unilateral way of buying is no longer sufficient for the current social age. Shopping Roulette, which brings customers together and pins them against each other in a fun and engaging competition, is here to change things.”
Emilie Edberg, CEO read more

EX DUCO Activity – Students Teaching Students – Salsa Classes

In another chapter of  The European School of Economics – Florence centre’s  EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students,  Andrea Carrillo Andrade has become a Salsa teacher for her fellow students.

As her name suggests, Andrea has Latin American origins.  She is from Ecuador and has an intense passion for Latin American dance which she discovered when she attended a course at high school. In Ecuador, Latino dance is a fundamental part of the culture and the school used to organize dance courses to compete with other schools. read more

EX DUCO activity – Students Teaching Students – Workshop about Design Thinking

Ese Florence is proud to continue with the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students with its next interesting and dynamic workshop held by Luka Yakymchuk – and supervised by Professor Lorenzo Sciadini- about Design Thinking.

Luka is a current ESE Florence Arts & Culture Management  student from Ukraine. 

Besides professional activities dedicated to arts, Luka is currently working as a product designer at a Berlin-based startup that delivers solutions for events where he is responsible for users’ experiences and achieving business goals. To do that, he works with stakeholders, business metrics along with user satisfaction, and managing the product growth. read more

ESE Milan x Cinelli: Through the Italian Heritage

The European School of Economics Milan Campus has at heart Heritage and Tradition, as we believe that the manifestation of one inner self runs through their roots.

With this in mind, when looking for an internship for our students, other than making sure to stay aligned to their dreams and ambitions, we always search for companies and realities that have a strong brand identity, in terms of legacy, heritage and traditions, but also innovation and technology.

For our ESE Milan Campus student, Alessandro Bagliolid, we chose @base_milano, a community of creatives, active in multiple disciplines, and committed to developing an inclusive ecosystem to produce innovative content for cultural progress. This is where Alessandro, at his first internship experience, had the unique opportunity to work closely with @cinelli_official. read more

Ex-Duco Activity – Students Teaching Students – Workshop about Art Business

The European School of Economics – Florence centre continues with the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students.  In addition to the guided meditation classes and Italian classes that started a few weeks ago, we are proud to add a workshop in Art Business to our Ex-Duco schedule now as well.

The workshop was organized by Mario Vitor Sa Marques, one of ESE Florence’s current student from Brazil, who is expert about Art Business.

The topic of the presentation was “What is the Arts – both as a system and as business from a few practical experiences/examples“, based on Will Durant’s quote: “Every Science begins as Philosophy and ends as Art“. read more

Interview FORBES LEADER – ELIO D’ANNA, Founder and President of the European School of Economics

From rocker to founder of a school for future leaders, the history of the entrepreneur Elio D’Anna.

From his artistic career as founder of the Osanna rock band, to his entrepreneurial career in the hotel sector, and the foundation of the European School of Economics.
Elio D’Anna is the President of an international institute he founded in 1994, his story is plenty of anecdotes and revolutions. He told about them as guest at Forbes Leader’s studios – which broadcast every Wednesday at 21.30 on channel 511 of Sky – and explained the principles underlying his institute.

The European School of Economics is a magical formula”, explained D’Anna, “and fosters a revolution in the educational world. We don’t try to transform the events, but the individual’s being. We don’t try to inject knowledge, indeed we extract it from our students bringing out their uniqueness”. read more

Ex-Duco Session – Students Teaching Students – Italian 101

The European School of Economics – Florence centre continues with the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students.  In addition to the guided meditation classes that started a few weeks ago, we are proud to add Italian class for Beginners to our Ex-Duco schedule now as well.

Ex-Duco means ‘to bring out’ or ‘to lead out’. It forms the basis of ESE’s Philosophy and Mission: to form unique Individuals, each with their own skills, talents and dreams.
Through its extracurricular Ex-Duco activities, ESE wants to go beyond the conventional teaching methods, allowing students to teach each other and exchange skills, knowledge, hobbies, interests, technologies and business ideas. read more

Ese Milan Campus took part of the Europe Virtual Education Expo 2021

ESE Milan Campus and all its staff, Mordilyn Worlu, Marketing Manager Margherita Ungari, Student Affairs Coordinator Pietro Morlacchi, PhD Academic Department Coordinator and Maryam Mousavi MBA, Internship Department Coordinator, had the occasion to be part of the Europe-Virtual Education Expo 2021 organized by Gentium Student Consultants.

We had the chance to present our Business School to 40 students from Sri Lanka, all interested in our academic programs and philosophy.

We’d like to thank Principal Consultant Lakmini Gamage for inviting us and let us experience such a lovely event! read more

Ese Milan presents Good Morning Visionaries with Talkin Pills

The ESE Milan Campus presented the third appointment of the LinkedIn Live Weekly series: Good Morning Visionaries.

On this occasion, we hosted two young yet determined and ambitious entrepreneurs: Carolina Sansoni e Ludovica Tofanelli, co-founders of Talkin Pills.

Talkin Pills is an Instagram format born during the lockdown, in a moment of global disorientation, that brings light to the evolution of the workplace: how digitalization creates new professional roles, and what unconventional educational paths you can follow. read more

EX DUCO activity at ESE Florence – Students Teaching session of Guided Meditation

The European School of Economics – Florence centre proudly announced the new schedule of activities of the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students, which started again this week.

Ex Duco means ‘to bring out’ or ‘to lead out’. It forms the basis of ESE’s Philosophy and Mission: to form unique Individuals, each with their own skills, talents and dreams.
Through its extracurricular Ex-duco activities, ESE wants to go beyond the conventional teaching methods, allowing students to teach each other and exchange skills, knowledge, hobbies, interests, technologies and business ideas. Moreover, the programme turns out to be a strong tool for team building among the students. read more

Ese Milan presents Good Morning Visionaries Chiara Bacilieri

On the second appointment of the ESE Milan Campus Weekly series Good Morning Visionaries, we had the pleasure to interview another psychology expert who decided to apply her knowledge in the Marketing field.

Chiara Bacilieri is Head of Data at Lifeed, Marketing Psychology advisor at Neoscience and lecturer at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Before her 30s she reached different professional milestones which led her to be listed among the Forbes Under30.

Chiara discusses speaks about psychology as the Science behind Marketing and explains the importance of its application for a more emphatic and efficient result. read more

ESE Milan Faculty participating in the POW WOW Tech Week Event

On the 19th of May 2021, the European School of Economics Milan Campus Faculty will take up as one of the panellists of the POW WOW Fashion-Tech Week with an inspirational roundtable on the future of Luxury and Fashion. Despite being an online event, POW WOW guarantees an immersive Virtual experience by mixing tech innovation with traditional event organizations. Guests will be live staging while attendees will be attending the event by creating an avatar.

Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week is the first Italian event dedicated to technology and innovation applied to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. A three days event in which there will be interviews,  workshops, and exhibitions covering topics such as AI, robotics, blockchain, wearable technology; as well as ethical, green, and circular economy.

The European School of Economics and its Milan Fashion & Luxury Culture Department, as partners and supporters of the initiative, will contribute to the event with a board of noteworthy professionals from its Faculty. read more

ESE Milan: Guest Lecture with Deliveroo on how to master your interview

Today, as a conclusion of our student’s module on Preparation to the Workplace, we were pleased to have as guest lecturer Ms. Vanessa Lancini, People Admin Professional at Deliveroo Italy.

She is a Foreign Languages for International Relations graduate, who made a career shift in HR Management & Labor Studies.

Vanessa taught our students how to best prepare for a work interview, taking into consideration the possible Cognitive Bias that managers can sometimes have, and giving practical tips on how to override them. An interactive class, made of concrete examples and possible scenarios, with a step-by-step framework on being the better version of oneself. read more

ESE Milan Campus x TalentBank at the Xi’an Fashion Hub

Today, TalentBank brought the ESE Milan Campus to Xi’an Fashion Hub.

We were pleased to take part as guest speakers in a Lecture on “Luxury Goods Management.” Xi’an Fashion Hub is an incubator of projects that aims to build a lifestyle model able to measure up to the Made in Italy yet attracting international designers and investors.

The Fair counted 45 participants on-site and around 20 participants online. Among the participants, names such as  Dean of Fashion and Art Design Institute of Xian Polytechnic University, Professors of Fashion and Art Design Institute of Xian Polytechnic University, students of different fashion and management courses in Xi’An institutes, fashion designers, fashion lovers, representatives of TalentBank, representatives of Xi’an Fashion Hub, representatives of Chic Group, etc. read more

ESE Milan Campus lunches a student’ TED Club

The European School of Economics philosophy encourages their students to be dreamers while doing so, we push them to develop creative thinking seeing the world thoughtfully but always from a different perspective.

For this reason, the ESE Milan Campus is excited to announce the launch of a Ted Club! This is just the first step toward being part of the exciting Ted community.

In order to keep us all connected, despite circumstances, we’ve embraced the newborn project Ted Circles.

Ted Circles it’s a club that gives the student the opportunity to meet and connect with each other, and people in the TED community. read more