Ex-Duco Activity – Students Teaching Students – Workshop about Art Business

The European School of Economics – Florence centre continues with the EX-DUCO Programme – Students Teaching Students.  In addition to the guided meditation classes and Italian classes that started a few weeks ago, we are proud to add a workshop in Art Business to our Ex-Duco schedule now as well.

The workshop was organized by Mario Vitor Sa Marques, one of ESE Florence’s current student from Brazil, who is expert about Art Business.

The topic of the presentation was “What is the Arts – both as a system and as business from a few practical experiences/examples“, based on Will Durant’s quote: “Every Science begins as Philosophy and ends as Art“.

Mario, who is attending a Short Course in Arts Management, has a strong passion for Art which he has smartly converted into his job. He has incorporated ESE’s Philosophy and our President’s, Mr Elio D’Anna, words: “Love what you do and do only what you love”.

Mario started his own company in Brazil in 2016, providing services as an executive consultant and administrator for artists, galleries and one private collection.

He moved to Tuscany in May 2019 where he continues to work with clients from Brazil.

His professional experience led him to hands-on practice with a myriad of tasks and responsibilities in the art sector, including finance reports, business projects, team management and communication with agents and partners such as institutions, other galleries, logistics companies and so forth.

Mario’s background and experience led to an inspiring talk about art that his school companions appreciated a lot.