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ESE Milan x Cinelli: Through the Italian Heritage

The European School of Economics Milan Campus has at heart Heritage and Tradition, as we believe that the manifestation of one inner self runs through their roots.

With this in mind, when looking for an internship for our students, other than making sure to stay aligned to their dreams and ambitions, we always search for companies and realities that have a strong brand identity, in terms of legacy, heritage and traditions, but also innovation and technology.

For our ESE Milan Campus student, Alessandro Bagliolid, we chose @base_milano, a community of creatives, active in multiple disciplines, and committed to developing an inclusive ecosystem to produce innovative content for cultural progress. This is where Alessandro, at his first internship experience, had the unique opportunity to work closely with @cinelli_official. read more

ESE Florence’s Overland expedition team arrived in Singapore

After almost 3 months of traveling over land, the two Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc Hons) graduates from ESE Florence, Cesare Poccianti and Michele Sabatini from the From Florence to Singapore Overland team, have made it to their final destination: Singapore.

Their perseverance and courage have led them to living their dream: retracing the Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition, the first overland journey that was accomplished by 6 young English students in 1955, but this time with starting point ESE Florence. read more

European School of Economics Review: Monique Duarte

european school of economics reviews

My name is Monique Duarte and I am an alumni graduate of ESE. I spent 3 ½ years at the ESE London campus along with a semester at ESE Milan. My experience living in London, and studying at European School of Economics, was a wonderful experience filled with, creating new friendships from all over the world, learning culture, traveling Europe in all that it has to offer, and learning that the sky is not the limit to achieving all your dreams. Being able to travel to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and many other places with a breeze, allowed me to experience life through a whole new lens. I am so grateful for my academic learning opportunity that ESE has given me, through it’s professors, that aim to push your thinking, and expand your knowledge in a whole new way. read more