ESE Milan x Cinelli: Through the Italian Heritage

The European School of Economics Milan Campus has at heart Heritage and Tradition, as we believe that the manifestation of one inner self runs through their roots.

With this in mind, when looking for an internship for our students, other than making sure to stay aligned to their dreams and ambitions, we always search for companies and realities that have a strong brand identity, in terms of legacy, heritage and traditions, but also innovation and technology.

For our ESE Milan Campus student, Alessandro Bagliolid, we chose @base_milano, a community of creatives, active in multiple disciplines, and committed to developing an inclusive ecosystem to produce innovative content for cultural progress. This is where Alessandro, at his first internship experience, had the unique opportunity to work closely with @cinelli_official.

Cinelli was founded in 1947 by Cino Cinelli, former professional racer, winner of the Milano-Sanremo, and stubborn perfectionist, who made his company an Italian leading production of dumbbells and racing attacks in just 20 years. The company, whose roots are strong in Milan, is a perfect balance of heritage and innovation, aiming to keep the Italian spirit while embracing multicultural partnerships, keeping novelty and life to the brand.

As a College of Higher Education with deep roots into the biggest patrimony of all, the Young Generation, are very proud of the path that Alessandro is crossing towards his BA diploma!