ESE Milan Campus lunches a student’ TED Club

The European School of Economics philosophy encourages their students to be dreamers while doing so, we push them to develop creative thinking seeing the world thoughtfully but always from a different perspective.

For this reason, the ESE Milan Campus is excited to announce the launch of a Ted Club! This is just the first step toward being part of the exciting Ted community.

In order to keep us all connected, despite circumstances, we’ve embraced the newborn project Ted Circles.

Ted Circles it’s a club that gives the student the opportunity to meet and connect with each other, and people in the TED community.


We are happy to reveal our members starting fromJose Escobar x Ted Circles our Team:

Leader Jose Escobar.

A BSc Y1 Student of the Milan campus. A cheerful advocate, always ready to take part in new initiatives, that’s the reason we appointed him as head of the team organizing the first TED Circle by ESE.


Mercy Fomenyen, Cameroon origins, introverted personality with a very good analytical capacity due to her financial studies;


Samy Chebbi x Ted Circles

Samy Chebbi, a self-confident student with a strong interest in the HR field and passionate about engines and American culture;



Maria Sole Capitani, a very mature and witty young woman. Her dream is to work in the Events Management field and she studying to achieve this goal;



Lubona Abigail Chibwa, an open-minded student with a cosmopolitan perspective in everything she does. In her life, she has lived in many countries and her international background is what inspires her every day;


Ekaterina Dushkina, a sensitive young woman, with a strong interest in the music field. She has already produced some songs and she is looking forward to her future in this sector.


We are very proud of our students and their commitment to work together towards the goal of sharing their ideas!