Siamo Jedi: EP. 2 with Luxury Coach Lotte Pongers

Human beings live in symbiosis with other life forms and environments, and commonly a mutualistic relationship is developed. This means that we transform and improve ourselves through the witness of our fellow’s personal experiences.

Siamo Jedi is a TV and webspace made by young people who want to explore changes while becoming transformed protagonists. An ESE Milan Campus project in collaboration with Forbes and Sole 24 Ore.

In this episode, our students discover how to unlock their potential with Lotte Pongers, founder of YOURFASHIONJOB – Exceptional connecting in fashion.

They discussed the journey of Lotte’s career, her mission, and the essential skills to develop in order to enter the luxury industry.

They covered the importance of believing in oneself to succeed, and ways to take a stand for diversity and inclusion.

See the episode featuring ESE through the link (Min – 19.35):