ESE Milan Faculty participating in the POW WOW Tech Week Event

On the 19th of May 2021, the European School of Economics Milan Campus Faculty will take up as one of the panellists of the POW WOW Fashion-Tech Week with an inspirational roundtable on the future of Luxury and Fashion. Despite being an online event, POW WOW guarantees an immersive Virtual experience by mixing tech innovation with traditional event organizations. Guests will be live staging while attendees will be attending the event by creating an avatar.

Pow-Wow Fashion Tech Week is the first Italian event dedicated to technology and innovation applied to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. A three days event in which there will be interviews,  workshops, and exhibitions covering topics such as AI, robotics, blockchain, wearable technology; as well as ethical, green, and circular economy.

The European School of Economics and its Milan Fashion & Luxury Culture Department, as partners and supporters of the initiative, will contribute to the event with a board of noteworthy professionals from its Faculty.

The roundtable topic will be on “Innovation vs Tradition: the pursuit of a new authenticity”, and will have Donatella Lorato, Entrepreneur, Talent Coach, and Fashion Luxury Expert as moderator, “Giorgio Ferrari”, quo·d CEO & Managing Partner & Innovation Leader; “Silvia Pettinicchio”,  Strategic marketer, green storyteller, and Co-chair of the conciliation panel of the European Green  Party; “Donatella Daniela Acquati”, Cross-Cultural Advisor and Change Facilitator; “Giulia  Rinaldo”, Strategy & Consulting Manager.