ESE Incubator Launches New Social E-commerce Startup

Founded by three students of the European School of Economics, Shopping Roulette is a new e-commerce social platform that allows customers to interact and compete with people from all over the world in order to win Gucci, Prada, Armani and thousands of other designer’s items completely for free.

“From the dawn of the first websites up until this day, very little has changed when it comes to how we buy products online; people have essentially been making their purchases in the same way for decades: in front of a screen, alone – but this cold, transactional, and unilateral way of buying is no longer sufficient for the current social age. Shopping Roulette, which brings customers together and pins them against each other in a fun and engaging competition, is here to change things.”
Emilie Edberg, CEO

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How it works

Shopping Roulette has been made possible with the support of ESE’s new Incubator program TalentOut, which Launched in 2021 to help students and alumni of the European School of Economics start and grow entrepreneur-driven ventures.

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“Our every effort is aimed at the individual, at his vision and uniqueness; for only the dream of an individual can save the world. The European School of Economics is proud of its students and of their creative achievements as it continues to prepare a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs that dare to dream big and change the world.”
Elio D’Anna, ESE Founder and President