ESE Milan Students visit Alivero Martini Showroom

It was 1987 when, strolling around Moscow in search of inspiration, Alviero Martini bumped into a faded, old map and stuck it on a suitcaseThis discovery would be life-changing: the designer developed the idea of a line of bags and luggage with the map-pattern that still represents his signature collection.

 Our ESE Milan students had the opportunity of visiting the Alviero Martini Showroom in Milan and chatting about the brand’s big changes with its Export Manager Massimo Amato.

The company is going through huge renovation, starting with the launch of an ambitious retail development plan, with new openings expected in China, Japanthe Middle East and South Korea. Other highlights of this renovation include Casa di Alviero, a line full of extravagant details and exotic suggestions, and the development of a new online platforAlviero Prima Classe 4 you, on which customers are allowed to pick and mix clothes and accessories from a virtual wardrobe, buy them and share their outfits on social media.

The students were especially happy to experience a pragmatic approach to the E-Commerce strategies that they already had touched on in class. By far the best thing about the meeting was getting to know more about a company that, just like our ESE students, has no geographical limits and that is not afraid to dream big.