Siamo Jedi: EP. 2 with Luxury Coach Lotte Pongers

Human beings live in symbiosis with other life forms and environments, and commonly a mutualistic relationship is developed. This means that we transform and improve ourselves through the witness of our fellow’s personal experiences.

Siamo Jedi is a TV and webspace made by young people who want to explore changes while becoming transformed protagonists. An ESE Milan Campus project in collaboration with Forbes and Sole 24 Ore.

In this episode, our students discover how to unlock their potential with Lotte Pongers, founder of YOURFASHIONJOB – Exceptional connecting in fashion. read more

The school for gods

“I dreamed of a school that teaches that the Dream is the most real thing there is, that economy is the Art of Dreaming and that only an Individual Revolution will be able to turn poverty into prosperity, adversity into opportunity and fear into love.” This is the manifesto of the economist, philosopher, and artist Elio D’Anna, founder of the European School of Economics. Over the past thirty years, the institution has followed the dream of a revolutionary educational model, a school of being able to overturn the traditional education system, cultivating the art of the dream. “All the knowledge, theories and methods from outside can be starting points needed, but should be soon abandoned for a higher source of understanding” Continues D’Anna “It’s time to ignore all teachings, ideologies and disciplines, all books, all your ideas and the ones of others, any word spoken or written, and finally plunge into the depths of Being to find what has always belonged to you, the true source of each discipline: the Will”. ESE programs are designed to amplify students’ potential through specific modules and learning activities, exploring themes of happiness, creative idleness, and the inner economy. The learning model does not stop at a simple academic preparation in the principles of economics, management, marketing, or finance: the goal of ESE is the development of the “Inner Being”, to take care of oneself, others, the whole world, and the future. In this vision there is no such thing as any conquests of man, be it economic, social, or scientific, that has not been preceded by an inner one. And likewise, the scientific knowledge of a nation, as well as its well-being and the maturity of its institutions are a reflection of its level of consciousness, its ideas, and the richness of its values, the strength, and nature of its convictions. The ESE main pillars are based on these assumptions: a wide range of study programs entirely in English validated by the University of Chichester (UK); the opportunity to take advantage of an extraordinary international intra-campus experience (six centers to

choose from: Milan, Florence, Rome, Madrid, London, and New York); an international Faculty made up of entrepreneurs and professionals from various sectors; and again, curricular internships in leading global companies, which accompany the students into the workplace, anticipating their placement.

An innovative project, which well represents the school’s motto “visibilia ex invisibilibus” (true knowledge comes from within) is ExDuco: an opportunity for ESE students to show their talents and share skills with their classmates, becoming teachers for a day. ESE believes that all our students have the knowledge to teach to and learn from their peers, and that is why the EX DUCO program allows to identify students’ strong points and give them a chance to experience being a lecturer, speaking to an audience, and having to present what they can do best. Dreamers come to ESE, the School for Gods. A place fostering the leaders of tomorrow, where education is a journey of personal and professional discovery. In ESE Dreams are as much part of the curriculum as any other subjects. “You cannot change the world without changing yourself” concludes D’Anna “and when you’re able to do it you will realize that it is not possible or necessary to change others: this individual revolution is the European School of Economics”.

New Workshop ‘Storytelling for Leaders’ on 29 November at ESE Florence

ESE Florence is proud to announce its newest workshop ‘Storytelling for Leaders’ aimed at current and prospective students at ESE Florence. The workshop will be given by Elia Nichols on Friday 29 November 2019.

What does Storytelling have to do with business? Everything! If you can’t properly convey a story then yourself, your products or services are not going to appeal to your audience. Great leadership requires the use of both the head and the heart to mobilize others to act effectively on behalf of shared values. read more

Elio D’Anna awarded with the prestigious “Murano’s Award 2019”

VENICE – 2019

ESE Founder and President, Elio D’Anna, was awarded with the prestigious “Murano’s Award 2019” for the lifetime achivement of his illustrious career in music, arts and literature.

It’s a great honor for our institution to have such an inspiring Founder and we are happy to celebrate this incredible achievement of his artistic career.

In the pictures: Elio at the @belairfineart_official in Forte dei Marmi, collecting the beautiful Murano glass statue made by artist Massimiliano Schiavon and the @schiavonart_team . read more

New partnership for student accommodation in Florence

ESE Florence is pleased to announce its newly started partnership with The Student Hotel Florence for student accommodation available to all ESE Florence students in the academic year 2019/2020.

The Student Hotel (TSH) is located in Viale Lavagnini 70-72, on walking distance from the Santa Maria Novella train station and city centre where ESE Florence is located.

TSH aims to create the best space where students can find their purpose and change the world. With the well-designed and thought-out rooms and the many great shared communal facilities, it offers a stimulating environment and an exciting global community. read more

ESE Rome welcomes the Red Cross delegation

It is estimated that over 5 million people were displaced from their home in Northern Iraq due to the ISIS invasion. Today, some of those people are making a comeback to find they need to start all over again, their homes are destroyed, their businesses no longer there. In 2018, 807 cash grants were given out to people to rebuild their lives. A great number of them were issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross…

But it takes more than just money. The International Committee of the Red Cross manages projects on a large scale and in order for each project to be successful, a number of professionals have to apply their knowledge and expertise to the managing of the contracts, projects, deliveries, public tenders and much more. read more

ESE Milan Students visit Alivero Martini Showroom

It was 1987 when, strolling around Moscow in search of inspiration, Alviero Martini bumped into a faded, old map and stuck it on a suitcaseThis discovery would be life-changing: the designer developed the idea of a line of bags and luggage with the map-pattern that still represents his signature collection.

 Our ESE Milan students had the opportunity of visiting the Alviero Martini Showroom in Milan and chatting about the brand’s big changes with its Export Manager Massimo Amato. read more

Veepee meets ESE Milan students

Immagina un sito web che offre tutto ciò che potresti desiderare a prezzi scontati, per un periodo limitato. Non c’è bisogno di immaginarlo, perché esiste già! Con prodotti che vanno dall’abbigliamento alla tecnologia, tutti disponibili a portata di mano, Veepee (precedentemente noto come Privalia Vente-Privee) si è rapidamente affermato come il pioniere tra i portali di e-commerce. Fondata nel 2001 a Parigi dall’intuizione visionaria di Jacques-Antoine Granjon e ampliata attraverso una joint venture con la spagnola Privalia nel 2016, Veepee è ora disponibile in dodici paesi europei, oltre che in Brasile e in Messico. read more

VIDEO: In search of a new order?

“I have been there….
Here is a thought just for this memorable occasion. Memorable happens often in unanticipated yet long lasting ways. This is what can be said of Professor Glosserman and Elio D’Anna’s intervention of last year’s on the New World order. Some of Glosserman’s ideas about North Korea’s nuclear arms failed negotiation with Trump’s administration were then an admonishment of what the US administration should avoid. Nothing more “useless than the good advice you did not take” the popular song states… On the other hand, D’Anna’s speech about the importance of the inner self as a key to change those around you is always compelling. In the end, apparently contradicting ideas voiced in a complex and dynamic world like those expressed then, may remain our only certainty. Being real may be the name of the game. Higher Education should convey not only how our world should be but also how the world really is”.
ESE prof. John Steven Wyse read more

Guest lecture and interview session with Ferragamo, Italian luxury fashion brand, at ESE Florence centre

The European School of Economics (ESE) centre in Florence  is proud to announce a special guest lecture and networking meeting with the famous Florentine luxury fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo Spa on Thursday 21 March at 2.30 pm at Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, the ESE Florence campus building.

The guest lecture, introduced by ESE marketing Prof. Thomas Brownlees, will focus on e-business and e-commerce strategies in the fashion business. The Ferragamo Marketing Department will present this topic together with a case study study that second and third year Business Adminsitration students will work on in groups. The guest lecture will finish at 4 pm.
read more

Zambia student – first recipient of the scholarship by ESE and Justina Mutale Foundation

ESE Founder and President Elio D’Anna with first year student Miss Lubona Chibwa at ESE Florence. Underlining ESE’s commitment to making a unique educational experience accessible for all accepted students, Lubona comes from Zambia and is the first recipient of the scholarship offered by ESE through the Justina Mutale Foundation.

The Justina Mutale Scholarship Programme is an Africa-wide initiative which aims to provide opportunities to academically talented young African women from underprivileged backgrounds in Africa, to pursue higher education at overseas institutions of learning around the world. read more

Popov, amministratore unico della Pallacanestro Cantù

«Ho 43 anni, sono russo di nascita, moscovita per la precisione, ma già a 3 mesi ho iniziato a vivere in Italia. Sono figlio di diplomatici e ho passato la mia infanzia in una bellissima villa dell’ambasciata sovietica a Roma all’interno di Villa Doria Pamphilj. Quando io avevo 8 anni siamo tornati in Russia e ci sono rimasto fino ai 22 frequentando l’Università. Nel 1997-98 di nuovo in Italia per un Master alla European School of Economics di Roma».

Articolo completo pubblicato su La Provincia (fonte primaria). read more

E così il mondo riscopre l’Italia – Lorenzo Pignatti

Lorenzo Pignatti, 42 anni, fondatore e presidente di Terraevents, società specializzata in eventi in tutto il mondo.

Quando Lorenzo Pignatti era ancora studente alla European School of Economics aveva già chiaro di voler costruire la propria carriera mettendo insieme due sue grandi passioni: quella per il settore turistico e l’amore per l’Italia e per il suo patrimonio culturale. La scelta per il ceo di Terraevents, agenzia leader specializzata in servizi high level per l’incoming di eventi corporate in Italia, è stata naturale. read more

Pitti Immagine rafforza la divisione Tutorship e la affida a Luca Rizzi

Originario di Trento, il 34enne Rizzi, laureato in Economia e Gestione, con un Master in management alla European School of Economics di Milano, ha iniziato la sua carriera nel commerciale presso lo showroom Tomorrow (che all’epoca si chiamava Futurenet Group). Dopo un anno preso la label di pantaloni Metradamo, è approdato nel 2011 nella società di consulenza Lagente, specializzata nel supportare i brand di moda e i giovani designer, prima di creare nel 2014 la propria agenzia di consulenza in business e strategia, Creative and More, che ora sospenderà l’attività. read more

Generation Paisley: ESE Milan at Etro’s exhibition for its 50th birthday

Originally, there was an ancient land, Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, and a date palm bud, the ‘buta’, a symbol of fertility and long life. The ‘buta’ design began to be reproduced in Asia, particularly on Kashmir shawls and other fabrics, until it reached England between the 18th and 19th centuries, where it was renamed ‘Paisley’. Fifty years ago, the history of the Milan-based fashion house Etro blossomed from the Paisley: the portentous shoot turned into Etro’s own emblem. ‘Generation Paisley’ is the title of the marvellous exhibition that is being held at the Museum of Cultures in Milan (Mudec, 23 September – 14 October 2018) to celebrate Etro’s first half century of life. The exhibition is a journey through the multiple influences of the brand, to discover the evocative places and meetings that have inspired its masterpieces. We start from the large tree of the first room, a metaphor for the collection of shoots from which Etro draws the lifeblood of its creativity, and we get to the ramifications that extend from this symbolic tree into the next five rooms. The visitor here finds fifty enchanting outfits, both female and male, as well as a variety of accessories and perfumes. read more

Generation Paisley: ESE Milano alla mostra per i cinquant’anni di Etro

In origine, c’era un’antica terra, la Mesopotamia, culla della civiltà, e un germoglio della palma da dattero, il ‘buta’, simbolo di fertilità e lunga vita. Il disegno del ‘buta’ iniziò a essere riprodotto in Asia, in particolare su scialli del Kashmir e altri tessuti, fino a raggiungere l’Inghilterra tra il XVIII e il XIX secolo, dove fu ribattezzato ‘Paisley’. Cinquant’anni fa, dal Paisley sbocciò la storia della casa di moda milanese Etro, che del portentoso germoglio ha fatto il proprio emblema. ‘Generation Paisley’ è il titolo della splendida mostra che si sta tenendo al Museo delle Culture di Milano (Mudec, 23 settembre – 14 ottobre 2018) per festeggiare il primo mezzo secolo di vita di Etro. La mostra è un itinerario tra le molteplici influenze del brand, alla scoperta dei suggestivi luoghi e degli incontri che ne hanno ispirato i capolavori. Si parte dal grande albero della prima sala, metafora dell’insieme di germogli da cui Etro trae la linfa vitale della propria creatività, e si arriva alle ramificazioni che da quest’albero simbolico si estendono nelle successive cinque stanze della mostra, dove si possono ammirare cinquanta incantevoli outfit, sia femminili che maschili, così come una varietà di accessori e profumi. read more

History and culture in the temple of ‘King Giorgio’: the ESE students visit Armani Silos

“I chose to call it Silos because the grains, material for living, were stored there, and because, just like food, dressing also serves to live”. With these words, a few years ago Giorgio Armani had explained the reasons behind the name of the space he inaugurated in Milan in 2015 and obtained from the former Nestlé cereal depot. An impressive and sober building whose original architectural structure has been maintained, the Silos shows remarkable points of contact with the Armani style, for which essentiality has always rhymed with elegance. Inside, in a large space spread over four levels, 600 dresses and 200 accessories belonging to different collections of the brand, from 1980 to today, are exhibited. The succession of masterpieces is organized thematically: from daywear to evening dresses, from the most classic colours (blacks, grays and whites) to the most exotic ones for which the brand is less known, there is everything you can expected from a place celebrating the Milanese fashion house par excellance. Nowhere else is it possible to grasp with the same immediacy Armani’s expressive character. In this, obviously, lies the enormous educational value of an excursion to such a fascinating place. read more

Storia e cultura nel tempio di ‘Re Giorgio’: gli studenti ESE in visita al Silos di Armani

“Ho scelto di chiamarlo Silos perché lì venivano conservate le granaglie, materiale per vivere, e perché, così come il cibo, anche il vestire serve per vivere”. Con queste parole, Giorgio Armani aveva spiegato qualche anno fa le ragioni dietro al nome dello spazio da lui inaugurato a Milano nel 2015 e ricavato dall’ex deposito dei cereali Nestlé. Edificio imponente e sobrio di cui è stata mantenuta la struttura architettonica originaria, il Silos mostra notevoli punti di contatto con lo stile di Armani, per cui essenzialità fa da sempre rima con eleganza. Al suo interno, in un ampio spazio che si sviluppa su quattro livelli, sono esposti 600 abiti e 200 accessori appartenenti a diverse collezioni del marchio, dal 1980 a oggi. La successione dei capolavori è organizzata tematicamente: dal daywear agli abiti da sera, dalle tinte più classiche (neri, grigi e bianchi) ai colori più esotici per cui il brand è meno noto, c’è tutto quello che ci si aspetta da un luogo celebrativo della casa di moda milanese par excellance. Da nessun’altra parte è possibile cogliere con la stessa immediatezza la cifra espressiva del marchio Armani e anche in questo sta ovviamente l’enorme valore didattico di un’escursione in un luogo così affascinante. read more

European School of Economics Reputation: Global Brands Award Winner

The European School of Economics was awarded by the British magazine Global Brands Magazine as the best private business university in the UK. The magazine provides opinions and news about the reputation of the major global brands. Thanks to its consolidated collaboration with a team of experienced brand analysts, the magazine has become a must read, especially for those companies committed to developing and improving their branding strategy in an ever-changing market. The Global Brands Awards, whose last award ceremony took place on the 6th April at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai, were set up to reward the most deserving companies in the fields of finance, education and hospitality, lifestyle, as well as in the automotive and technology sectors.  read more

ESE, scuola vincitrice del Global Brands Award

La European School of Economics è stata premiata dalla rivista britannica Global Brands Magazine come la migliore scuola privata di business nel Regno Unito. Il magazine fornisce opinioni e notizie riguardo ai maggiori marchi al mondo. Grazie a una consolidata
collaborazione con un team di navigati brand analyst, il magazine è diventato un must read, soprattutto per le compagnie interessate a sviluppare e migliorare la propria strategia di branding in un mercato in continua trasformazione. I Global Brands Awards, la cui ultima cerimonia di premiazione si è svolta lo scorso 6 aprile all’hotel
JW Marriott Marquis di Dubai, sono stati istituiti allo scopo di premiare le aziende più meritevoli nei campi della finanza, della formazione, dell’ospitalità, del lifestyle, così come nel settore automobilistico e tecnologico. read more

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